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please check out my new look. i know that i've left this blog stagnant for like a month, so sorry guys. i've been trekking around europe in the last month so i've been to busy to update you guys, BUT i do have a lot of new european inspired things to show you guys in the near future so look out! ( :

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Say hello to my Summer

I recently had a shoot with the always wonderful Mark Tiu. I've been struggling to get these photos online, but my net has been on the frits so it's been difficult to do anything or post anything online. The shoot we had was in UP, and we trekked to several different heavily grassy areas to get these perfect shots.

I must way, the biggest struggle that I have every season, is to try and keep up with the ever changing trends. Although we may only have two seasons here in the Philippines most fashionistas still try to keep up with the latest trends in the runways of New York, Paris and Milan. We've all just gotten used to the muted colors of fall, the army greens, maroons, and layers and layers of different knitted fabrics, but now summer is here and it just seems illogical to stick with these fall favorites. It seems to be that summer has crept up on us and has brought along with it the brightest colors, and patterns. I know I have a lot of shopping to do, but before fully jumping into the colors of summer, but before that I'd like to share with you guys my last shoot with these awesome fall colors. Let's call this my transition from fall/winter to summer, I hope you enjoy!

(got this amazing sheer cut out blouse from trunkshow, since cut outs have been making such an appearance this season.)

on a sidenote, thank you so much to for these awesome wedge booties!

It's more difficult than you think

I just had an awesome shoot with one of my favorite photographers Mark Tiu yesterday
We had originally planned to have the shoot in Cubao Expo but had a difficult time trying to get the permit for it , so we opted to shoot in UP instead.(where needing a permit is never a problem) This is a sneak peek of the first creative that we shot for the day. Everything may look so serene in the photo, but it's actually difficult to shoot in a grassy area when the sun is this high. I had such a hard time trying not to squint,and not to trip over the uneven grass, but despite all that I think that this picture is photo is definitely worth it.( :

check out Mark's other photos in

Generation M: The Mega Young Designer's Competition 2011

Thank you so much to Ms. Ericka Bugia from Maldita, for these wonderful shoes! I've been so excited to to shoot these shoes, since I am such a complete fan of GenM. It's about time that the Mega Young Designer's Competition was pushed into the spotlight. This competition has been going on for quite some time now, and it's great that now the public can know more about what's going in the Philippine fashion scene. I got 8 pairs of shoes from these awesome designers, and I just had a shoot for the first three pair last monday. It was an awesome shoot with a great photographer Ionne Ocampo and my great friend Third Fernandez who was the creative director for the shoot.

This look is my take on the Urban Pocahontas( : These sky high gold wedges are an awesome addition to any wardrobe, as they can add an extra dose of BAM to any outfit. I'm also completely in love with this crocheted vest that I got in a bazaar just the day before.

this is one of my favorite photos from the shoot! I love you Ionne, it was already drizzling yet we pushed on and got this amazing shot. Balancing on whatever these things are was definitely a challenge, but also definitely worth it.( :

This creative is actually my favorite. All three of us were inspired by ANTM cycle 15's shoot with Patrick Demarchelier. I finally understand how difficult it is to walk, smile, look natural, jump, snap and get the shot! all of these things which came naturally to our creative director third fernandez who constantly gave me tips and tricks to nail the shot. love you dear!

please continue to follow me! I will be posting new photos of the other pairs of shoes, and also featuring some amazing clothes from MENTAL! ( : also don't forget about the amazing blog giveaways that will be coming very very soon!

These are my walking shoes

hey guys please do check out my newest look in lookbook!
i am so completely in love with this camel blazer! if you check out my lookbook account you'll see that i have used it in several looks over the past couple of weeks. I think it's definitely true when people say that camel is the new black.
please hype guys!

Spring Awakening

Love Kickstarts Again

I just have to share with you guys the amazing shoot I had with Clara a couple of weeks ago. It was a great day for a shoot in UP Diliman, and I can't wait to shoot with her again soon. School has been hectic so I haven't been able to post any of these photos, but here they are for you to enjoy!
I wanted to make a series that showed you guys the many different ways to wear sheer and lace. Everyone who knows me, also knows how much I am completely in love with these trends so I wanted to give you guys my take on it. All the outfits in our shoot involved at least one item that was either sheer or lace! ( :

this first outfit consists of a sheer polo that I got from topshop. The pastel colors are perfect for the season, and I though that the floppy hat was a nice touch. There really is no secret in wearing sheer, I think that it goes with almost anything. I think that it is all a matter of figuring out the right balance in countering what you expose with what you cover up when wearing sheer clothing.

The one thing that I just love about lace is that it instantly adds a touch of sexiness to almost any outfit. It is important to remember is that overdoing lace is always a fashion no-no, especially since it can make your outfit look like cheap lingerie when worn in the wrong way. I decided to wear the lace bodysuit with a maxi-skirt in order to better express my point. Pairing the see-throughness of the lace with the demureness of the skirt creates the perfect balance to this ensemble.

This final outfit is actually my favorite. I love how the white lace brought about a very retro vibe to it and still express femininity. I was inspired by watching "boardwalk empire" to do an outfit that was 1920's inspired and this is what I came up with. Clara and I spent such a long time shooting this particular creative mainly because we both thought it suited the gorgeous backdrop of UP Diliman's infamous sunken garden the best.

I'll end my post here, but I hope that you guys enjoyed it!

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Lookbook Live

Hey Guys!

I've been seriously bombarded with so much schoolwork these past couple of weeks that I haven't been able to post any new entries. Not to worry! I've got a lot of exciting things to share with you guys in the coming weeks to make up for it.

I was recently asked to participate in the event in Ateneo last January 11. It was all about trying to bring the upcoming stylists in campus to show what their personal style is all about through friendly competition. The live audience was given hype stickers that could give to their favorite looks and favorite lookbookers!

Haha if you can spot me, the organizers actually put one of my recent looks into the promotional material! ( :

I got two of my favorite people in the world, Micah Cabral and Raffy Vargas to be my models for the event, and they did an amazing job. We actually left with the second place title, but the winner for the event was my good friend Cel Fernandez. Here are some of the photos from the event.

micah's make up by yours truly

raffy's gorgeous locks and killer smile: God given

Thanks to my favorite cads boys for supporting me in the event! Check them out strutting their best lookbook poses. ahha!

Also thanks to the best group ever, "Future Revolution"

me and micah, on a hype frenzy

Scholastic Fantastic

photo by Macbeth Dy

Hey Hey Sunnyside

photo by Macbeth Dy

It's always good to shoot on a Friday afternoon

I'm so ecstatic that i finally had my photo shoot with Uncle Mac!

Me and Keith have been getting by with our photos, but to be shot by a professional is truly an experience. It's so daunting to have your headshot taken by such a high powered camera that can capture every little detail on your face. As a fashion blogger it's so easy to hide behind poses and the convenient "blurriness" of lesser quality cameras, and I've realized how difficult a task it is to be shot head on. I applaud commercial models for being able keeping their expressions genuine, and not squinting ( which was a task I had some trouble with during our shoot ).

Here are some of the photos of my shoot with Macbeth Dy. Please do check out his blog at

Uncle Mac is truly amazing,his talent is evident in this photo which is the final output of our headshot series

these are some out takes from the headshot series for the header of my blog. As you guys may have noticed, me and keith used an old lookbook photo for the temporary header. But I'll be changing that photo into one of these very soon, please help me make a decision on which photo to choose. ( : I would very much appreciate any comments on this blogpost about what you guys think!

Here are some photos of our shoot for ( : please hype when I upload the photo! ( : I know you guys are used to Keith taking all of my shots, but I'm so excited to show you guys a different perspective especially for those of you here who also follow me on lookbook! ( :

hahaha an accidental blooper I wanted to show you guys. My Aunt was wearing an Ironman helmet to help make me laugh and be relaxed during the shoot, I really couldn't stop giggling the entire time.

( :

Hope you guys continue to follow me! ( :

My First Blog Entry Ever

Hey guys, this is my first blog entry ever so i hope you enjoy it! (:

As many of you guys may have already noticed, a new shoe trend has not so inconspicuously jumpe d into our radar this holiday season. Wedge booties are all the rage in the fall/winter runways of 2010, and I've seen the trend becoming very popular in the philippines as well. I must confess, I may have gotten a little overboard with my shoe shopping this month, (showing once again my predilection towards being a shopaholic) and I want to share with you guys my new favorite pairs and some tips on how to wear them.

I know that I've gone a bit overboard with the shoe shopping ( as the pictures indicate ) but who am I to resist great shoes!

bailey from

leopard print peeptoe booties from

the bea wedges from (my new go to shoe for any and all occasions)

alfreda wedges from! i love the braided detail on this shoe

finally, my heel lees shoes from Kermit Tesoro

Now I know how much of a struggle it is for petite girls to wear wedge booties since we all worry about them cutting us off awkwardly and making us look shorter than we already are. I don't exactly have a model physique and I know that most Filipinas share the same dilemma as we are often smaller in stature than our caucasian counterparts. However I've learned that figuring out the right proportions for your body type can definitely make all the difference in the world.

The number one tip that I can give to my fellow petite girls out there is to pair the wedge booties with shorts, or skirts or dresses that are short enough to give the illusion of long-leggedness but not short enough to make you look like a hoochie. Cutting yourself off in the knee would add more segments to your body and would altogether be unflattering so make sure you work with a length that is fabulous, and of course that you are comfortable with. Here are some outfit ideas for the hottest new shoe trend of the season.

short shorts, a tank top, and a cardi is a great casual way to wear these gorgeous leopard print wedge booties without looking too overdressed.

I could never run out of slouchy tops, they are so comfortable and go well with almost anything! A slouchy top, a pair of distressed denim shorts, wedge booties and you're ready to go! the proportions of going heavy on top and light on the bottom also gives the illusion of length.

for a girlier approach any old shirtdress would go well with the wedge booties, just as long as it's in the length that is perfect for you!

Thanks so much to for some of the most comfortable wedges that I have ever worn, to for my awesome strappy wedges, and finally to Kermit Tesoro for my amazing heel-less booties. You can check out my other looks here at my blog, or check out my lookbook at