Say hello to my Summer

I recently had a shoot with the always wonderful Mark Tiu. I've been struggling to get these photos online, but my net has been on the frits so it's been difficult to do anything or post anything online. The shoot we had was in UP, and we trekked to several different heavily grassy areas to get these perfect shots.

I must way, the biggest struggle that I have every season, is to try and keep up with the ever changing trends. Although we may only have two seasons here in the Philippines most fashionistas still try to keep up with the latest trends in the runways of New York, Paris and Milan. We've all just gotten used to the muted colors of fall, the army greens, maroons, and layers and layers of different knitted fabrics, but now summer is here and it just seems illogical to stick with these fall favorites. It seems to be that summer has crept up on us and has brought along with it the brightest colors, and patterns. I know I have a lot of shopping to do, but before fully jumping into the colors of summer, but before that I'd like to share with you guys my last shoot with these awesome fall colors. Let's call this my transition from fall/winter to summer, I hope you enjoy!

(got this amazing sheer cut out blouse from trunkshow, since cut outs have been making such an appearance this season.)

on a sidenote, thank you so much to for these awesome wedge booties!


aiken said...

cute blog! :) and i love your shoes! :)

hannahtan said...

thanks aiken! ( :

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