It's always good to shoot on a Friday afternoon

I'm so ecstatic that i finally had my photo shoot with Uncle Mac!

Me and Keith have been getting by with our photos, but to be shot by a professional is truly an experience. It's so daunting to have your headshot taken by such a high powered camera that can capture every little detail on your face. As a fashion blogger it's so easy to hide behind poses and the convenient "blurriness" of lesser quality cameras, and I've realized how difficult a task it is to be shot head on. I applaud commercial models for being able keeping their expressions genuine, and not squinting ( which was a task I had some trouble with during our shoot ).

Here are some of the photos of my shoot with Macbeth Dy. Please do check out his blog at

Uncle Mac is truly amazing,his talent is evident in this photo which is the final output of our headshot series

these are some out takes from the headshot series for the header of my blog. As you guys may have noticed, me and keith used an old lookbook photo for the temporary header. But I'll be changing that photo into one of these very soon, please help me make a decision on which photo to choose. ( : I would very much appreciate any comments on this blogpost about what you guys think!

Here are some photos of our shoot for ( : please hype when I upload the photo! ( : I know you guys are used to Keith taking all of my shots, but I'm so excited to show you guys a different perspective especially for those of you here who also follow me on lookbook! ( :

hahaha an accidental blooper I wanted to show you guys. My Aunt was wearing an Ironman helmet to help make me laugh and be relaxed during the shoot, I really couldn't stop giggling the entire time.

( :

Hope you guys continue to follow me! ( :


Anonymous said...

Friday is a good day to shoot-lotta fun and a good model makes a big difference.

RANDZ said...

i so love the shots Hannah! :) pretty!

Alexa said...

These pictures are all stunning. Great hat! Your top is adorable. Awesome!

Alexa @ VPV

hannahtan said...

thanks guys! i really appreciate the comments! alexa! love the vintage pieces in your store

randz- i hope to see you in the lookbook.admu event!

Gianella said...

You have beautiful pictures! :)

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