My First Blog Entry Ever

Hey guys, this is my first blog entry ever so i hope you enjoy it! (:

As many of you guys may have already noticed, a new shoe trend has not so inconspicuously jumpe d into our radar this holiday season. Wedge booties are all the rage in the fall/winter runways of 2010, and I've seen the trend becoming very popular in the philippines as well. I must confess, I may have gotten a little overboard with my shoe shopping this month, (showing once again my predilection towards being a shopaholic) and I want to share with you guys my new favorite pairs and some tips on how to wear them.

I know that I've gone a bit overboard with the shoe shopping ( as the pictures indicate ) but who am I to resist great shoes!

bailey from

leopard print peeptoe booties from

the bea wedges from (my new go to shoe for any and all occasions)

alfreda wedges from! i love the braided detail on this shoe

finally, my heel lees shoes from Kermit Tesoro

Now I know how much of a struggle it is for petite girls to wear wedge booties since we all worry about them cutting us off awkwardly and making us look shorter than we already are. I don't exactly have a model physique and I know that most Filipinas share the same dilemma as we are often smaller in stature than our caucasian counterparts. However I've learned that figuring out the right proportions for your body type can definitely make all the difference in the world.

The number one tip that I can give to my fellow petite girls out there is to pair the wedge booties with shorts, or skirts or dresses that are short enough to give the illusion of long-leggedness but not short enough to make you look like a hoochie. Cutting yourself off in the knee would add more segments to your body and would altogether be unflattering so make sure you work with a length that is fabulous, and of course that you are comfortable with. Here are some outfit ideas for the hottest new shoe trend of the season.

short shorts, a tank top, and a cardi is a great casual way to wear these gorgeous leopard print wedge booties without looking too overdressed.

I could never run out of slouchy tops, they are so comfortable and go well with almost anything! A slouchy top, a pair of distressed denim shorts, wedge booties and you're ready to go! the proportions of going heavy on top and light on the bottom also gives the illusion of length.

for a girlier approach any old shirtdress would go well with the wedge booties, just as long as it's in the length that is perfect for you!

Thanks so much to for some of the most comfortable wedges that I have ever worn, to for my awesome strappy wedges, and finally to Kermit Tesoro for my amazing heel-less booties. You can check out my other looks here at my blog, or check out my lookbook at


nelie said...

love the collection girl :)

Lloyda said...

love your shoe collection! i also have bea & bailey from five by five. :)

fashioneggpplant said...

im such a fan of golddot as well, been eyeing those leopard print booties from five by five for quite some time now, never got around to getting them yet. nice blog, welcome, im quite new as well =)
will follow you, hope you can do the same...happy new year!

ceecee a.k.a. Justine Yu said...

Thank you very much for the tips! Your shoes are killers. Haha

inkarlcerating said...

wow u have the bailey na! i want na din! hahaa

Phoebe said...

The tips are indeed helpful. I'm petite and that is one of my problems with wedges.

Phoebe R

hannahtan said...

thanks so much guys! i am just soo obsessed with shoes right now. karl, i also got the same pair you got from soule phenomenon! LOVE THEM!

eunicena said...

love your shoes..

Quiapo Ilalim said...

kermit buddy! haha

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