Generation M: The Mega Young Designer's Competition 2011

Thank you so much to Ms. Ericka Bugia from Maldita, for these wonderful shoes! I've been so excited to to shoot these shoes, since I am such a complete fan of GenM. It's about time that the Mega Young Designer's Competition was pushed into the spotlight. This competition has been going on for quite some time now, and it's great that now the public can know more about what's going in the Philippine fashion scene. I got 8 pairs of shoes from these awesome designers, and I just had a shoot for the first three pair last monday. It was an awesome shoot with a great photographer Ionne Ocampo and my great friend Third Fernandez who was the creative director for the shoot.

This look is my take on the Urban Pocahontas( : These sky high gold wedges are an awesome addition to any wardrobe, as they can add an extra dose of BAM to any outfit. I'm also completely in love with this crocheted vest that I got in a bazaar just the day before.

this is one of my favorite photos from the shoot! I love you Ionne, it was already drizzling yet we pushed on and got this amazing shot. Balancing on whatever these things are was definitely a challenge, but also definitely worth it.( :

This creative is actually my favorite. All three of us were inspired by ANTM cycle 15's shoot with Patrick Demarchelier. I finally understand how difficult it is to walk, smile, look natural, jump, snap and get the shot! all of these things which came naturally to our creative director third fernandez who constantly gave me tips and tricks to nail the shot. love you dear!

please continue to follow me! I will be posting new photos of the other pairs of shoes, and also featuring some amazing clothes from MENTAL! ( : also don't forget about the amazing blog giveaways that will be coming very very soon!


Arizia said...

i am so in love with your shoes! ^_^

annalisa said...

love the turban sooo much its so pretty!

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