Love Kickstarts Again

I just have to share with you guys the amazing shoot I had with Clara a couple of weeks ago. It was a great day for a shoot in UP Diliman, and I can't wait to shoot with her again soon. School has been hectic so I haven't been able to post any of these photos, but here they are for you to enjoy!
I wanted to make a series that showed you guys the many different ways to wear sheer and lace. Everyone who knows me, also knows how much I am completely in love with these trends so I wanted to give you guys my take on it. All the outfits in our shoot involved at least one item that was either sheer or lace! ( :

this first outfit consists of a sheer polo that I got from topshop. The pastel colors are perfect for the season, and I though that the floppy hat was a nice touch. There really is no secret in wearing sheer, I think that it goes with almost anything. I think that it is all a matter of figuring out the right balance in countering what you expose with what you cover up when wearing sheer clothing.

The one thing that I just love about lace is that it instantly adds a touch of sexiness to almost any outfit. It is important to remember is that overdoing lace is always a fashion no-no, especially since it can make your outfit look like cheap lingerie when worn in the wrong way. I decided to wear the lace bodysuit with a maxi-skirt in order to better express my point. Pairing the see-throughness of the lace with the demureness of the skirt creates the perfect balance to this ensemble.

This final outfit is actually my favorite. I love how the white lace brought about a very retro vibe to it and still express femininity. I was inspired by watching "boardwalk empire" to do an outfit that was 1920's inspired and this is what I came up with. Clara and I spent such a long time shooting this particular creative mainly because we both thought it suited the gorgeous backdrop of UP Diliman's infamous sunken garden the best.

I'll end my post here, but I hope that you guys enjoyed it!

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ceecee a.k.a. Justine Yu said...

the outfits are great! i totally love the second one its way to sexay! you're amazing! :D can i ask? where did you get the turban and for how much?

Dana Lee said...

Great advice :)
I love the first one, it has a bit of edge to it.

hannahtan said...

i got the turban at a bazaar for around 250! it's awesome( : i always go to rockwell urban bazaars cause there are always great finds there!

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